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About us

We are a consolidated Hotel, with more than 20 years of experience offering our clients unique experiences, recognized for a permanent dedication to service and our own personality.


Our goal is to offer unforgettable experiences, based on direct contact with hospitality, well-being and respect. Our mission in each stay is to ensure that when the client leaves our facilities, they do so with a feeling of wanting to return.


We face the future with confidence, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Our intention is to continue providing each client with a quality personalized service. The satisfaction of our customers is what moves us every day to continue learning and improving.


Our values define the basis of our work. We are proud to be able to affirm that all the people who make up our team share them and act in coherence with them.

  • EQUIPMENT:We have a team of committed and close professionals, with years of experience in the sector, who love their work and focus every day on providing excellent customer service.


  • DEDICATION TO THE CLIENT: Offering a comfort and quality service is our priority.


  • PASSION:We are passionate about our work, and that rubs off. We put passion in everything we do and we transmit it to our clients.

  • CLOSENESS:We are a nearby hotel. We establish lasting relationships with our clients based on honesty, respect and human quality.


  • OVERCOMING:We focus on improving ourselves every day. We are always in constant learning.

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