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In the SPA of the Wellness Club of Hotel Alicante Golf you can find a space where relaxation and tranquility merge to create a unique environment.

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Wellness Club

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Business Club

Organize any type of event at Hotel Alicante Golf in spacious rooms illuminated with warm Mediterranean light.

We have great offers of rooms and accommodation. In addition, our location allows us to enjoy an ideal climate throughout the year.

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Belonging to our Gastro Club means enjoying personalized experiences the options of which are practically endless. In addition to offering a powerful and sophisticated service at all kinds of events, we have two restaurants where we indulge our palate in a more intimate way and live an authentic gourmet experience.

El Mirador Restaurant, with incredible views of the golf course and its spectacular wine cellar and meat maturation and El Olivo, located in the paradisiacal natural gardens with swimming pool.

Gastro Club

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Ceremony Club

More than 18 years  our customers trust  us in the organization of weddings. Our experience will give you enough confidence to celebrate the most important day of your life with all the guarantees.
With capacity for celebrations of up to 330 people, we have all the possibilities to make your celebration an unforgettable success.

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Sports Club Hotel Alicante Golf

Ceremony Club

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Sport is our passion, which is reflected in facilities that are sure to live up to your expectations. Among them, the following stand out: golf, tennis, paddle, cycling, running, nautical / sea, yoga, bikram, fishing ...

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Ceremony Club

If you want your stay in Alicante to be unique, we recommend that you visit our hotel. We have a magnificent location 800 meters from San Juan beach that will allow you to access various points of interest.

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