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Father's Day menu 2023

For the celebration of Father's Day, on March 19th, 2023, the El Olivo restaurant will open its doors again to face another season full of illusion, novelties and the desire to meet you again.

Come with your family to taste the exquisite menu that we have prepared to celebrate this special day.

Book your table by calling +34 687 092 759 or +34 965 235 000.

If you prefer, you can also write us an e-mail at

We will wait for you!

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FATHER'S DAY MENU | March 19th, 2023

Bread, tomato and aioli


"La Terreta" salad

Rio Gandulas bravas

Cuttlefish sautéed over the fire and cooked in seawater with citrus mayonnaise


Our sea and mountains (duck magret, cuttlefish and semi-roasted tomato)

Roast strip, potato and hearts to the foc

Grilled wild salmon, kimchi sauce and pack choi

Cocoa rock and artisan gelatto

Drink included 
Water, soft drinks and beer
White wine and red wine (wine house)

Coffee or infusion



Do not stay without your table for Father's Day 2023

Come on March 19 to the reopening of El Olivo restaurant.

+34 687 092 759 | +34 965 235 000

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